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Germany commits to solar panels and wind power

Germany is leading the way in developing solar and wind power as part of their radical change of energy policy in the wake of the Fukushima nuclear disaster. Their latest North Sea offshore wind energy farm is another milestone in Germany’s ambitious project that has already produced striking results: Germans will soon be getting 30 percent of their power from renewable energy sources. Many smaller countries are beating that, but

Germany sets new high, generating 74 percent of energy needs from renewable energy, solar, wind and hydro etc

On Sunday 11 May 2014, Germany’s impressive streak of renewable energy milestones continued, with renewable energy generation surging to a new record — nearly 75 percent — of the country’s overall energy demand by midday. With wind and solar in particular filling such a huge portion of the country’s power demand, electricity prices actually dipped into the negative for much of the afternoon, according to Renewables International. In the first

UK windfarms hit new generation record

Britain’s windfarms broke a new record on Friday 14 September 2012 by providing 4.1gigawatts (GW) of power to the National Grid, beating a previous high of 3.8GW set in May. Just before 10am, wind turbines were supplying 10.8% of the total amount of electricity going into the grid while an additional 2.2GW of “green” power was going directly into local electricity networks. “This record high shows that wind energy is