One day in June: solar and wind renewables in Germany slash energy prices

While the UK has just committed to a huge taxpayer spend on a new nuclear power station and supine politicians wring their hands over our rigged energy market, Germany’s controversial renewables policy is showing signs of delivering cheap power in the future. On JUNE 16th 2013 something very peculiar happened in Germany’s electricity market. The wholesale price of electricity fell to minus €100 per megawatt hour (MWh). That is, generating

Problems mount for UK nuclear programme

Centrica has abandoned plans for building 4 new nuclear power stations in the UK blaming rising costs and construction delays – Centrica announces decision not to participate in UK nuclear new build and launches £500 million share repurchase programme. The move is a blow to the Government’s plans to build new nuclear power stations. Centrica will forfeit its 20% option on four new nuclear plants planned by EDF in Somerset