Radiator Booster – FAQs

How does the Radiator BOOster® RB3-COmpact™ actually work and save energy?

This ingenious device works in 2 ways:

1) Your central heating boiler will use around 15 kilowatts of energy every hour (some even more). Radiator BOOster® draws heat from your radiator, heating your room in up to half the time, allowing your boiler to shut down much sooner. If you could save just one hour a week of your boiler working, you would save 15 kilowatt/hrs. of energy.
2) As your radiator gets hot, the ‘rear’ surface will normally radiate heat onto your wall. In turn, this heat is lost through the wall structure due to conduction. Radiator BOOster® sucks most of this wasted heat away from the wall and directs it into your room, significantly reducing the losses, saving you even more energy. It really is that simple!

How much energy does it really save?
This will depend on how you use the Radiator BOOster® and for how long. But UK energy providers state that reducing your thermostat setting by one degree Celsius could save the average home £49/year or 10% of your heating bills. Most tests carried out with Radiator BOOster® have achieved excellent results.

Can I leave it switched on 24/7 during the winter months?
YES. It is thermostatically controlled, meaning it will only operate when your radiator gets hot, and it will shut down as the radiator cools. However, we would recommend that you turn the power off at the wall socket when not needed to further increase the life of the device.

My Radiator BOOster® switches on and off for short periods, sometimes just a few seconds. Is this normal?
Yes, this is often quite normal, and should cause no concern. Radiators are set to reach different ‘high’ temperatures. Those set lower will experience this frequent on/off cycle. The ‘lower-level’ heat gently warms the thermostatic switch in the device, but as soon as the fan starts up, this heat is dissipated quickly by the fan, cooler air is drawn up, and this activates the thermal switch to turn off the device. However, the device still remains very effective in operation, drawing as much heat from the radiator as it possibly can. The same thing can happen with radiators that cool down slowly; again the fan may cycle on/off several times before the radiator is cold.

Surely the materials used to manufacture this device themselves impact on the world’s resources?
Yes, this is true. But we have designed the product to use the absolute minimum of materials and substances, (99% of which can be recycled) and in return achieve huge energy savings over many years. The ‘trade-off’ is well worth doing.

How should I dispose of the product when I’m finished using it or at the end of its life?
You must NOT include this product with your normal household waste. Please dispose of it through your local authority recycling program for ‘recovery and recycling for electrical products’. Remember, 99% of Radiator BOOster® can be recycled, that has to be good for the environment.

My radiator is very long. Do I need to use two of these?
You can do, but it should not be necessary unless you radiator is more than 1.5metres (5feet) long. Generally the simple movement of air created by Radiator BOOster® will normally lead to good convection in your room.

My radiator is very short. Will the device fit okay?
The RB3-COmpact™ can be used on small radiators, down to 400mm (16inches) wide. The housing will ‘overhang’ each end, but this is not a concern, and the device will still work perfectly well.

Where should I place it on my radiator?
As close to the wall and centralised along the length of your radiator should optimise the performance. However, if you place it to one end, it should still work adequately. On some radiator designs you will find that the device will drop down slightly behind the top of the radiator. This further enhances the performance.

Can it be used with Radiator Covers?
YES. Provided you can fit the device in place under your cover, you can achieve up to 3 times as much heat from your radiator. Covers prevent a radiator from ‘radiating’ its heat, relying solely on ‘convection’. Radiator BOOster® enhances that convection at least three fold, distributing huge amounts of trapped heat.

Can I use it on oil filled radiators, electric storage radiators, or electric convection radiators?
NO! These types of radiator reach far higher surface temperatures than water filled radiators. These higher temperatures will distort and damage the product and will invalidate any guarantee.

Can I use it in my bathroom, shower room, sauna room, outbuilding, etc?
NO! The RB3-COmpact™ must not be used in a damp or humid environment under any circumstances.

How much electricity does it use, and is it safety approved?
The RB3-COmpact™ has been tested and approved by an independent laboratory, and conforms to all aspects of CE Certification. The fan is rated at < 1.5 watt, 12v DC, and each unit is supplied complete with a full set of instructions. Should you operate the device through the winter months, is should use < 2.0kW/hr. of electricity.

Will I need to put one of these in every room?
We would recommend you place one in each room that you regularly use, but it is not essential for other rooms. After all, you could unplug and move one very easily if necessary. However, if you wish to keep your whole house warm for the least energy use, then one Radiator BOOster® in each room would optimise your energy savings.

My nearest power socket is a long way from my radiator?
Each unit comes fitted with a 1.8metre power cord, which should suit most situations. However, we also offer the EL-RB3 extension lead. This is 3 metres in length and is available from most stockists. It simply fits between the power supply and the lead from the Radiator BOOster®. For safety reasons, NEVER extend the lead yourself and NEVER use more than two EL-RB3 leads joined together.

Could I plug my Radiator BOOster® into a timer unit to avoid me remembering to turn it on/off?
Yes. Although this should not be necessary during the winter months, a standard ‘event timer’ can be used, the power supply plugged straight into it.

Do I need to clean the device?
Yes. As with any domestic product, dust will build up on various surfaces, which will seriously impair the performance and reliability of the device. You will need to clean it periodically using a lint free cloth. Take care with the fan blades as they are very delicate and can break easily. Never use any chemicals, they are unnecessary and may damage the product.

Can you hear it working?
YES. The small fans we use, like any fans, make an audible humming noise. The fans used in Radiator BOOster® are similar to those used in home computers and operate at around the same audible level. During the summer most of us use large noisy desktop/ pedestal fans to help keep us cool, and in the winter noisy electric fan-heaters to help keep us warm. Radiator BOOster® costs virtually nothing to run and is considerably quieter than either of these.

Sometimes it is quieter than other times. Why is this?
The fans can take some time to settle down and perform at their optimum, and they are also very sensitive to temperature. The sounds will vary from time to time, but this is normal and should cause no concern.

I’m allergic to house dust. Will this make things worse?
For the first few times Radiator BOOster® is used it may stir up a little loose house dust from around your radiators, but within a couple of days this should settle down, and the situation return to normal.

I’ve noticed a funny smell coming from the device. Is this normal?
When used for the first few days, you may notice a slight smell. This can be caused by a tiny amount of excess lubricant on the fan bearing, evaporating off, or even the electric elements within the fan ‘running-in’. All smells should fade away within a few days of use.

Are there any hazards to be aware of when using Radiator BOOster®?
Never allow children or animals near the device, they could damage or jam the fan, resulting in product failure. Never place the product anywhere near water (electricity and water are best kept well apart), or indeed anywhere water may get (from leaking roofs, etc). TRIP hazards are one of the most common in the home. Ensure the power lead to the product, especially any extension lead (EL-RB3) used, is always tucked away or tied up.

The fan has become noisy, rubbing and/or clicking. What can I do?
Should you notice a rubbing/clicking sound, it may simply be that the build-up of dust deposits on the fan blades has allowed them to become ‘unbalanced’. Simple cleaning as described above should help. It could be that the fan/motor is damaged; return the device to your retailer for advice.

Where can I get spare parts?
For safety reasons, nothing on Radiator BOOster® is replaceable or repairable. Please return contact ECO Arcade for advice.

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