While Britain shivers, Australia swelters and climate change consensus confirmed

Snow has fallen in parts of the UK during May 2013 as the unseasonably cold weather has kept our heating on and ducking for cover to avoid rain, hail and anything else the elements see fit to throw our way.

It has also led to the usual suspects trying to make the same ill-informed link between unexpected cold weather in the UK and scepticism about climate change. This ignores the fact that local weather conditions are not climate and do not reflect long term global trends.

For example, while we in the UK have been shivering, Australia has been unseasonably warm with an Indian summer turning into an Indian Autumn.

The temperature in Sydney recently crept above 20 degrees for the 26th consecutive day, a series unprecedented this late in May in more than 150 years of records.

”There’s just been a lack of a cold blast” to break up the warm conditions, said Brett Dutschke, a senior meteorologist with Weatherzone. ”The cold weather has been delayed.”

See this article for more information: Records keep falling, but what about temperatures?

This comes at at time when consensus regarding the man-made effects of climate change is growing ever stronger following a recent review of peer reviewed climate science papers.

A team of citizen science volunteers at Skeptical Science published a new survey in the journal Environmental Research Letters of over 12,000 peer-reviewed climate science papers. They found an agreement in 97% of papers that climate change is anthropogenic, i.e. there is a strong agreement that human activity is causing climate change.

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