Solar panels now on half a million UK buildings

Solar panels
By Eric Delalonde (Own work) [CC BY-SA 3.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

A quiet revolution is taking hold of the UK as the solar power industry appears to have installed its 500,000th set of panels in the UK in recent days, in a move that marks a major milestone for the burgeoning sector.

According to figures by the Department of Energy and Climate Change, 499,687 solar schemes had been installed by 5 January under the feed-in tariff scheme that supports solar arrays with a capacity smaller than 50kW.

Leonie Greene of the Solar Trade Association said, “Politicians may be fighting about energy and climate change in Westminster, but the public are just getting on with it,” she told BusinessGreen. “A quiet solar revolution has been taking place led by half a million everyday households. Polls show over and over that the public back renewables and they have indeed put their hands in their pockets to prove it.”

Some critics have attacked the feed-in tariff scheme for requiring all energy billpayers to effectively provide additional payments to those households that have installed solar power.

However all forms of energy generation have needed some taxpayer’s subsidy to become established and solar power in conjunction with more energy efficiency initiatives could help reduce future energy costs. Whether this aligns with free market ideology of the current energy market remains to be seen: UK politicians appear to be powerless or unwilling to intervene in the profiteering of the big 6 energy companies.

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