Solar panel subsidy cut halted

The solar panel industry has welcomed a halt to plans to cut subsidies for fitting solar panels to homes as ministers concluded that a cut would damage Britain’s chances of meeting its targets to renewable energy production. Subsidies for feed-in tariffs were halved last year and were due to implement another cut in July.

Senior figures in the solar energy industry warned they faced a crisis which jeopardised thousands of jobs as a result of the tariff reductions. They wrote to David Cameron urging a rethink, saying demand for panels had collapsed over the last year.

The July reduction has been halted at the last moment by Greg Barker, the Climate Change minister.

He wrote on Twitter: “Having listened carefully to industry, we are looking at scope for pushing back a little the next proposed reduction in the solar tariffs.”

The Cut Don’t Kill campaign, backed by 400 solar industry executives, welcomed the surprise step.

But its spokesman, Howard Johns, said: “This freeze needs to be genuine and not cosmetic. Any further cuts to solar tariffs should not take place until at least October.

“After the policy shambles of the past six months, the solar industry needs adequate time to get back on its feet.”

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