Green campaigners remind UK chancellor of the potential of the green economy

Deborah Meaden, successful businesswoman and star of the BBC’s Dragon’s Den, recently took part in a protest outside the Treasury, criticising chancellor George Osborne’s attitude to the green energy and business.

The protest, organised by Stop Climate Chaos, saw campaigners don green hard-hats to promote their message that “green is working” – a reference to the fact that the low-carbon sector is one of the few parts of the UK economy to have generated growth and jobs in recent years, as highlighted by the CBI in July.

Mike Clarke, chief executive of RSPB, said: “Climate change is the biggest long-term threat to species on the planet … We have to take action and what’s more it can contribute massively to the economy … We hope the chancellor will listen and reflect that in his policies.”

Meaden said that the climate debate had changed, and it was no longer just environment groups who were concerned. “This is a genuine coalition,” she said. “When you get such a diverse group calling for the same thing, surely it’s worth listening to. This is mainstream.”

“Osborne needs to overcome his blindness for green issues. Businesses need a framework – clarity and stability. You can’t get the green economy going without knowing what you’re aiming for.”

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