China bans incandescent light bulbs

Those who think China’s supposed intransigence over environmental issues is an excuse for doing nothing must now rethink their position as China has pledged to replace the billion incandescent light bulbs it uses annually with more energy efficient models within five years.

The move is part of efforts to improve lighting efficiency and reduce greenhouse gas emissions and follows in the footsteps of Australia, the EU, Brazil and others. In a country as populous as China, this is a significant move as the International Energy Agency estimates that lighting accounts for 19% of global energy use. It is also seen as a sound economic move, as the electricity used by lighting in China is between two to three times the generating capacity of the Three Gorges Dam (Natural Resources Defence Council, New York) and one of the simplest ways of cutting carbon emissions.

The running costs of an incandescent bulb alone are a compelling reason to stop using them, with Compact Fluorescent Lamps (CFLs) saving £50 to £60 over their lifetime. Also even more energy efficient lighting technology is available such as the new EL(Electroluminescent) light technology.

See the full article here: China to phase out incandescent lightbulbs

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