Radiator Booster reviews

Here are some reviews of the Radiator Booster:

“the difference it has made to the room is amazing it has gone from the coldest room in the house to the warmest”

“the fan a it blowes warm air in to the room.excellent product would recamend to any one.”

“Living in an 1896 stone built terraced house you can really struggle to keep the heat in the room. Have been using the booster for 12 months and this is an addition for my folks to try. IT WORKS!! You can really feel the heat being pushed out into the room. That’s all I really need to say.”

“The radiator booster definately improves the efficiency of the radiator and throws the heat back into the room. We have been recommending it to our friends who have radiators on outside walls. Very pleased with purchase and happy to recommend it.”

We supply the Radiator Booster either as a single item or Radiator Booster 2 pack, click on the links below to view more information:

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