fracking diagram

Fracking is the process of extracting natural gas trapped in hard shale rock by drilling into it and creating small explosions to release the gas. Water, sand and chemicals are injected into the rock at high pressure, which allows the gas to be released, captured and stored above ground. It is shorthand for hydraulic fracturing and refers to how the rock is fractured apart by the high pressure mixture. Although


It’s a calculation that can be done on the back of an envelope. Gerhard Knies a German particle physicist was the first to estimate how much was required to meet humanity’s demand for electricity. In 1986, in direct response to the Chernobyl nuclear accident, he scribbled down some figures and arrived at the following remarkable conclusion: in just six hours, the world’s deserts receive more energy from the sun than

Radiator Booster reviews

Here are some reviews of the Radiator Booster: “the difference it has made to the room is amazing it has gone from the coldest room in the house to the warmest” “the fan a it blowes warm air in to the room.excellent product would recamend to any one.” “Living in an 1896 stone built terraced house you can really struggle to keep the heat in the room. Have been using

Radiator Booster - FAQs

How does the Radiator BOOster® RB3-COmpact™ actually work and save energy? This ingenious device works in 2 ways: 1) Your central heating boiler will use around 15 kilowatts of energy every hour (some even more). Radiator BOOster® draws heat from your radiator, heating your room in up to half the time, allowing your boiler to shut down much sooner. If you could save just one hour a week of your

Climate change sceptic admits temperature data shows warming

Richard Muller of Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory in California has gained a solid scientific reputation for his work in astrophysics and particle physics. He also has a reputation for not being afraid of wading into public policy debate. Although not a climate scientist, Muller has published peer reviewed papers that questioned elements of historical temperature data of climate change and is therefore considered a ‘credible’ sceptic. An expert team was

China bans incandescent light bulbs

Those who think China’s supposed intransigence over environmental issues is an excuse for doing nothing must now rethink their position as China has pledged to replace the billion incandescent light bulbs it uses annually with more energy efficient models within five years. The move is part of efforts to improve lighting efficiency and reduce greenhouse gas emissions and follows in the footsteps of Australia, the EU, Brazil and others. In

Solar feed-in-tariff cut

The UK government has announced a 50% cut in the subsidy for the Feed-in-Tarriff scheme where UK householders receive a premium price for any excess electricity generated from their solar panels. The scheme has been very popular, encouraging many householders with savings to invest in solar power for considerably better returns than a high interest savings account (41p a kWH, around 4 times the normal electricity price). Even those without