September 2013

Arctic Ice Loss

With the imminent launch of the 5th IPCC (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change) report, the usual suspects are dishing out their ill-founded assertions and distortions of the facts. One serial offender is Mail on Sunday journalist David Rose. He recently wrote an article where he claimed that Arctic ice had grown by 60% in 2013 which was only a true statement if you cherry pick the data and ignore the

Solar powered travel, a distant dream or viable future?

As hybrid or electric vehicles become more common place1,2,3 scientists, engineers and visionaries are turning their attention on the next challenge: fully solar powered transport. The Solar Impulse is an impossibly graceful solar powered aircraft who’s wings span fully 63 m (about the same as an Airbus 340) but this plane only carries one pilot and travels at barely 30 km/h when taking off. What the plane lacks in speed