July 2013

What you believe about food miles is probably wrong

If you want to eat sustainably then going local just feels right. Even if you can’t or won’t pay the exorbitant prices in the local farmer’s market then at least buying British or European food from your local supermarket seems to be the right sustainable choice as the food hasn’t racked up vast so called ‘food miles’ to get to your shopping basket. Unfortunately, the real picture is rather more

US endures extended heatwave and 19 firefighters are killed

Western US states are currently experiencing with temperatures threatening to break the all-time high recorded on Earth. In Phoenix, Arizona, the mercury hit 47C (116F) on Friday, and in the desert of Death Valley, California, the thermometer approached 51C. The heat wave is expected to last through the weekend. Cities in the region are opening cooling centres and officials fear the heat could delay air travel. “This is the hottest