June 2012

Brrr, it's unseasonably cold for a few days in the UK so is climate change a scam?

The simple is no! However whenever the temperature in the UK get’s a little cooler than average, it’s amusing how various climate change sceptic media types get a little foamy around the mouth claiming that this somehow disproves the fact that the Earth is warming because of increased levels of atmospheric CO2 – Anthropogenic Global Warming. While in the UK, we experienced higher than average temperatures and drought conditions in

Public backs renewable energy

A recent Ipsos-Mori poll found that 43% see the UK subsidy for wind power as good value for money against 18% who do not. Another survey has also found a big majority in favour of renewable energy. The subject of wind energy can become noisily controversial with local concerns over wind farm applications being weighed against the wider considerations of UK’s energy mix in the future. Those who criticise wind