Shameless promotion of eco friendly life styles and products

Here you’ll find thoroughly biased, but credible, promotion, news and op-eds on environmental causes and ec0-friendly products.

Life is too short to put the other side’s usually flawed and poorly researched point of view so we won’t. Instead we publish blog posts that are backed up by facts and fully referenced that will help you form opinions and live a more eco-friendly life.

We are very happy to hear from anyone who might want to contribute a blog posting. We won’t tolerate greenwash or misinformation, but will gladly feature op-eds, information about products or case studies as long the content is properly backed up by proper evidence or sources. For a product to be featured it must have an impact on the waste hierarchy: does reduce resource use, reuse resource or use recycled materials. An additional criteria we use is does it educate or inspire people (big or small, old or young) to reduce their impact on the environment.

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